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[09 Oct 2009|01:04pm]

Things you might want to know...

- 21+
- Employed
- I do slash and het. I've tried femme but I can't seem to get into it (except for a few exceptions). That doesn't mean I'm opposed, it just hasn't worked yet.
- My hours online vary given my profession. It might take me 24 hours to reply to a thread. This is why I don't do AIM RP.
- I don't expect you to reply to me within 15 minutes but if it's been several days, I'd appreciate some sort of notice.
- Don't just vanish, please. I'm a big girl, I can handle you not being into the line. Chances are, if you're not feeling it, I'm not either.
- Storybook, third person.
- I'm not the grammar police, but it'd be nice if complete sentences were used.
- I believe in quality over quantity, but one liners just make me feel like little effort is going into replying. If a paragraph can't be written, things probably aren't going well. However, I do understand that in some circumstances it's unavoidable.
- Sex scenes are good, but I don't just do pointless smut. Fade to black is okay, but let's at least work out details that went on within the faded scene so that we have something to go with from there, okay?
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